Strength and Conditioning

The strength and conditioning program combines barbell, kettle bell, machine, and bodyweight exercises to stimulate muscle growth, endurance, and metabolism. Clients will see improvements in strength, stability, and mobility! This service is solely focused on training and does not include programming.

Commitment: Monthly

Frequency: 4-8 sessions

Fee: $60/session


Online Health Coaching

It's not easy to change behavior. Health coaching can support you in reaching your health goals. Additionally, our coaches are Nationally Board Certified as Health and Wellness Coaches. Coaching will take place virtually at agreed upon dates and times. 

Commitment: 3 months

Frequency: 3 virtual sessions with weekly check-ins

Fee: $40/session


Mens Gymnastics Training

This training program is designed for boys ages 5+ who are participating in an official gymnastics program. This is considered supplemental training to polish skills and help develop skills through strength training, mobility, and flexibility exercises. Training can also be tailored to help the athlete prepare for competition, post season, and summer conditioning.

Commitment: As needed

Frequency: TBD by client needs

Fee: $40/session


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Tools are used to locate and treat diagnosed soft tissue disfunction. Instruments are used to break down fascial restrictions and scar tissue. This allows beneficial inflammation to take place and shortens recovery time. In addition, IASTM improves mobility.

Commitment: TBD by client needs

Frequency: 2-3 sessions (30 min. sessions)

Fee: $40/session 

Nutrition Programming

Abs are made in the kitchen, right? To get you on your way there, we offer full nutritional programming.  Whether you want to lose weight or increase muscle mass, a sound nutritional plan is critical to your success. Programs are developed on a 4-week cycle

Commitment: Monthly

Frequency: One 4-week program

Fee: $80/program


Comprehensive Service

This service includes:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Personalized nutrition program w/macronutrient calculations
  • Personalized training program
  • Onsite strength and condition sessions
  • Online Health Coaching
  • Limited to 1-3 clients at a time

Commitment: 3 months


Health Coaching 3 virtual sessions w/weekly check-ins

Onsite Training 2x per week (24 sessions)

Fee: $1,300/program



Exercise Programming

Are you looking to lose weight? What about increasing your muscle mass?  Maybe you just want to get freakishly strong! Receive personalized exercise programming based on your needs. Programs are developed on a 4-week cycle.

Commitment: Monthly

Frequency: One 4-week program

Fee: $80/program