Organizations who offer free CHES:

California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center  

Michigan Public Health Center

Southwest Regional Public Health Centers (SRPHTC):  free credits are offered for their face-to-face meetings.

University of Albany Center for Public Health Preparedness

University of Albany School of Public Health 

Free CHES Continuing Education Credit Hours (CECH): Category 1

CBPR to Reduce Cancer Disparities: Promise and Pitfalls (1 CECH)

Clearing the Air : Smoke Free Policies, Politics, and Strategies (1.5 CECH)

Community Dimension of Public Health Practice (Module 1) (1 CECH)

Community Dimension of Public Health Practice (Module 2) (1 CECH)

Disaster Response: Addressing Special Needs Services After Hurricane Sandy (1.5 CECH)

Doing A Lot with A Little: Economic Analysis in Public Health (1 CECH)

Economic Evaluation For Public Health (2 CECH)

Epidemiologic Methods for Emergency Response (2.5 CECH)

Epidemiology for Non-Epidemiologists (4.5 CECH)

Evaluating a Public Health Program (1 CECH)

Exploring Cross Cultural Communication (2.5 CECH) Good until: August 2014

Healthy Children, Healthy Communities: A Learning Series on Childhood Obesity (4.5 CECH)

Health Equity: A Public Health Essential (1.5 CECH)

Health Literacy & Immunizations: Working at the Local Public Health Level (1 CECH) 

Health Literacy for Public Health Professionals (1 CECH)

HIV Today: What Everyone Needs to Know (1 CECH)

HIV/AIDS And Racial/Ethnic Disparities In The United States (1 CECH)

Introduction to Logic Models (1 CECH)

Learning from CHW Certification and Credentialing Models Across the United States (1 CECH)

Legal Basis for Population Health P1-Administrative Authority (2.5 CECH)

Legal Basis for Population Health P2-Bioterrorism /Infectious Disease (2.5 CECH)

Legal Basis for Population Health P3-Expanding Public Health Into New Areas (2.5 CECH)

Legal Basis for Population Health P4-Environmental Regulation (2.5 CECH)

Legal Basis for Population Health P5-Contracting with the Private Sector (2.5 CECH)

Managing Chronic Disease: Community and Population Approaches (1.5 CECH)

Mass Incarceration and its Effects on Population Health & Health Disparities (1.5 CECH)

Measuring Health Disparities (3 CECH)

Online Training - We Can!® Energize Our Families: Parent Program (3 CECH)

Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice, Third Edition, An Introduction to Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics Self-Study Course SS1978 (17 CECH)

Professionalism and the CHW: The Experience-Based Expert Walking in Two Worlds (1 CECH)

Program Development & Evaluation (1 CECH)

Psychosocial Issues Related to Bioterrorism (2.5 CECH)

Public Health Nurse Ready Certificate (8 CECH)

Quantifying the Issue: Descriptive Epidemiology and the Internet (2 CECH)

Reimagining Black Men's Health (1 CECH)

Searching and Summarizing the Literature (1.5 CECH)

Six Weeks to Genomic Awareness (6 CECH)

Social Media Tools I (2 CECH)

Supporting Healthy Eating Through Policy and Environmental Change (1 CECH) 

Tailored Health Communications: Insights for Public Health Nursing (1.5 CECH)

Tailored Interventions to Prevent The Transmission of HIV/AIDS For Young Adults (1 CECH)

Terrorism, Preparedness, and Public Health: An Introduction (6 CECH)

Tobacco Awareness for Public Health Professionals (1.5 CECH)

Tobacco Assessment Toolkit: Clinical Practice Guidelines (1.5 CECH)

Tobacco Treatment Toolkit: Clinical Practice Guidelines (1.5 CECH)

Tobacco Dependence: Foundations for a Public Health Workforce (1.5 CECH)

We Can!® Energize Our Families: Parent Program Online Training (3 CECH)