Onsite Strength and Conditioning

The strength and conditioning program combines barbell, kettle bell, machine, and bodyweight exercises to stimulate muscle growth, endurance, and metabolism. Clients will see improvements in strength, stability, and mobility! This service is solely focused on training and does not include programming.

Commitment: Monthly

Frequency: 4-8 sessions

Fee: $65/session


Comprehensive Service

This service includes:

  • Clinical assessment

  • Personalized nutrition program

  • Personalized training program

  • Onsite strength and condition sessions

  • Online Health Coaching

  • Limited to 1-3 clients at a time

Commitment: 3 months

Frequency: Health Coaching (3) virtual sessions w/weekly e-mail check-ins

Onsite Training 2x per week (24 sessions/1 hour). Additional time available @ $60 per hour

Fee: $1800/program 

Corrective Exercise

Do you suffer from a physical imbalance that causes pain? Often times this is caused by one side of the body or muscle compensating for the other due to an injury. We use specific strategies to produce a desirable change with your movement, thereby reducing or eliminating compensation that results in efficient movement patterns.

Commitment: TBD by client needs

Frequency: 1/week

Fee: $65/session 


Exercise Programming

Are you looking to lose weight? What about increasing your muscle mass?  Maybe you just want to get freakishly strong! Receive personalized exercise programming based on your needs. Programs are developed on a 6-week cycle and are meant for 6-days of training per week. This can be adapted to your goals.

Commitment: Monthly

Frequency: One 6-week program

Fee: $75/program 

Virtual Health Consultations

It's not easy to change behavior. Health consulting can support you in reaching your health goals. Additionally, our coaches are National Board Certified as Health and Wellness Coaches. Coaching will take place virtually at agreed upon dates, times, and modalities. 

Commitment: TBD by client needs

Frequency: TBD by client needs

Fee: $85/session