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Steph and Albert

Steph and Albert were both trending towards a pre-diabetic state when they decided to turn their lives around. At her highest, Steph was 245lbs. and Albert was 310lbs. Albert also suffered from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart palpitations. Together they lost a total of 160lbs. in less than 10-months! All health conditions were reversed and blood work returned to normal.



Julie has struggled with weight loss for years. She would lose and then regain the weight and was always a little heavier than previous times. She also suffered from low back pain, which was weight related. Her goal was to lose the weight and find a way to maintain. We addressed her exercise and nutrition habits. Over the course of a year she was able to lose 40lbs.! In addition, she has had significant success in the gym. She found a consistent resistance training and cardiovascular routine and finally ‘enjoys’ being at the gym.



Bobby was suffering from pain in his right hip. Gymnastics took a toll on his body, which led to poor mobility. This pain affected the posterior chain causing extensive strain on the glute medius. He saw multiple specialists including physical therapists over the course of 6 months who could not help with his condition. We worked together to strengthen the glutes using various exercises and he was back into competition within 2 months!


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